About Broadview

Broadview Security & Manpower Service Pvt Ltd is a company that is registered on 9th Dec 2009 and Incorporated under the Companies Act,1956. Our Director board that includes five membership is also proud to bring to your notice ...

Our Services

Security and House-Keeping Service

Supply of materials

Interior decoration & Additional modifications

Advertisement & Event management

Trading in consumer goods

Manpower Services

Import & Export

Our Clients

Ernakulam Dist Co-Op Bank, Valayachirangara

Ernakulam Dist Co-Op Bank, Choondy

Emmanal Silks, Bypass Edapally

UAE Exchange, Ernakulam

Palladium Apartment, Elamakara

Ernakulam Dist Co-Op Bank, Aluva Palace Road

Tata Ceramic Ltd, Kakkanad, Eranakulam

MIR Group, Eranakulam...


BROADVIEW Security, the next generation's security, offers state-of-art home and business security solutions. We help to protect the people and materials that matter most in life by providing reliable and affordable business and home security. Businesses today are constantly facing the risk of experiencing significant financial loss from a number of different areas each and every day, including inventory shrinkage, via both external and internal theft, and fraudulent claims. These critical losses can drastically reduce profitability and tie up valuable company resources performing time-consuming audits and costly investigations. We protect your business with a reliable business security. You're taking a highly proactive approach to loss prevention and , in turn, positively affecting your bottom line.